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My Summer Internship at Team ER!

Over the past 6 weeks I’ve been fortunate to have taken part in an internship with ER Recruitment. This has immensely prepared me for the future and has greatly given me an insight into the inner functions of a successful business. Where in my tenure at ER Recruitment I carried out admin roles and was enthralled about everything recruitment.

I am very pleased that I decided to apply for this 6 week internship. There was a number of factors that stood out to me as to why I wanted to embark on this journey. First of all, I proudly study Business Law at De Montfort University and as things pan out a module that I have decided to take is employment law which for sure complements with recruitment and the employment process which will put me in a good footing for next year. Obtaining professional connections is another big influential factor that swayed me in coming here which I hope can advance me in my career. The chance to get an insight of the culture around a company and what it's like to work in an office setting and be able to apply the skills also had a big weighting as to my decision.

There are countless reasons why I have enjoyed my time at ER Recruitment. Just to name a few I have enjoyed the office comradery and being a part of a strong established team where I was given an unsurmountable amount of support and the pleasure to have been awarded a look into inner workings and trials and tribulations of recruitment. In light of everything I thoroughly loved the challenge of the day to day tasks that I have been set. One final aspect of this wonderful recruitment firm that I have relished is meeting new people through this company and in general just being as helpful as I can be.

As a personable individual there is countless lessons which I can carry with me in my future. One of the biggest teachings I have learnt is I cannot emphasise enough the importance of building connections, making yourself aware to businesses you’re interested in will put you in good footing for the future and will potentially make yourself fresh in a potential employers mind and ultimately gives you the opportunity to impress them. Another valuable lesson is make sure you dress smart and professional at all times because you never know when you will meet a well-established professional and by doing this will give you the chance to create the best first impression possible and you only get one first impression. Finally, a golden rule is ask loads of questions because this shows interest and helps build clarity within your mind.

This experience has also helped guide me and has taught me a lot about myself as an individual and a professional in a working fast pace environment. It has ultimately pushed me to find how willing I am to do any task set. I have always known that I am a confident person however I never really knew just how confident and in my experience here it has allowed me to discover my limits and boundaries to just how much conviction I can push myself to exude. One situation in which this was put to the test was when meeting important business people where much to my shock I thrived in which ultimately gave me the privilege of having high quality conversations and creating the very best impressions on the business people of the world which I have immensely flourished at.

To anyone out there considering doing an internship I cannot tell you how valuable and beneficial it will be to your career and your development as an individual. Advice that I would give to securing an internship would be to enshrine a hustlers mentality to try and get the very best outcome. Also for anyone who feels there isn’t an internship available in the industry you want to work in make sure you are flexible because even if the internship is not an exact match of what you want to do the experience is still incredibly valuable and gives you transferable skills that will make you stand out.

I cannot describe how privileged and blessed I feel to have taken part and left a stamp in this wonderful business and I look forward to being connected with ER Recruitment going forward.

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