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Life As An EA For Eileen Richards

Sarah Knight

Life as an EA for Eileen Richards

The lead up:

As an Australian girl through and through, much of my initial career development took place in my home country. Starting out in retail, I realised I had a natural knack with people and thrived off providing outstanding customer service – so much so, I made the bold decision to take a gap year before my first (of five!) degrees to enhance myself further within the world of work.

Being the go-getter that I am, I set off for University and during my–many­–years of studying I took on an additional two roles within hospitality and as a Legal Secretary. Here I began to develop my experience into becoming an EA. The mixture and variation of these roles not only taught me the corporate side and diary management but also event organisation and staff training within a fast paced environment. Overall, I began to acquire the knowledge what different roles can encompass… and I loved ALL of it!

Moving to the UK was the beginning of my life in Recruitment. Early in my journey I undertook two very different roles: payroll and finances, and marketing. Still being unable to decide what I loved more, and missing some aspects of my other roles, I was presented with the best opportunity by Eileen; do all of these things at once as an Executive Assistant!

A day in the Life:

You cannot predict what a day in the life of an Executive Assistant holds for you. It starts out with an organised schedule and a plan to make your way through a hefty to-do-list. The majority of the time, you get the satisfaction of neatly ticking off each task, often alongside multiple additional jobs which pop up throughout.

Each day is unique and the to-do-lists vary, one day I could be resourcing, speaking to clients and attending exclusive networking events, the next I am communicating with the team, implementing new ideas and acting on behalf of my MD.

I love the aspect of knowing that I jump out of bed in the morning and walk through the office door with the biggest smile on my face fully aware that I don’t know everything about what my day entails but knowing that a positive attitude will equip me to handle anything presented to me. There is nothing more satisfying than leaving at the end of the day knowing you get to be the push behind the greatest team helping them to drive themselves to their full potential!

Why Eileen Richards Recruitment?

Having had such a variety of experience in my career prior to joining Eileen Richards Recruitment I had taken a few things away from this that I knew I needed to find in my next role. I knew I needed to find a team that were willing to take on fresh ideas; have a strong, relatable, and inspirational leader for me to absorb their knowledge and look up to; and somewhere in which I could see me learning, developing, and progressing myself and my career. Having met with Eileen a few times, and the entire team, I knew that this was the team I’d been looking for, to find a role that I loved and a company that would make me feel valued and excited about going to work every day.

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