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Happy Birthday Tracey!

It all started 5 years ago, I sat in my brand new office chair (located in Eileen’s home office) with a fresh mug of milky coffee in hand ready to begin my first day as a Recruitment Resourcer for Eileen Richards Recruitment. Here’s how it all began…

Growing up, I always had my heart set on becoming a teacher, with a passion to learn and the natural ability to nurture (the youngest of a large family, it became an inherited trait) I felt it was a natural career route for me to venture down. However, life was different then, less emphasis was placed on higher education and heading out to work and earning a wage was more commonly encouraged. So as a young, vibrant 16 year old I ditched the dream of teaching and headed into the world of work, securing a role as an Office Junior at a Solicitor firm, just one day after completing my GCSE exams!

As years progressed and I became a mother to three, careers changed to fit around the schedule of a young family. With many employers unable to offer part time hours or provide opportunities on the table today, the most practical option became for me to take a career break and raise my children. Those years were some of the best, but during that time, I truly believed that’d be it for me, my days of office banter and after work drinks would become nothing more than a distant memory. Oh how wrong I was.

Like a flash, my children were in school and it was time to regain my identity and get back out there into the booming world of work! Just like that I was 16 again, with the world at my feet and lots of options and paths ahead of me to explore, which is where Eileen Richards Recruitment comes in!

As a people person through and through, I thrived off the idea of client and candidate interaction and most importantly helping people find a role they loved, so I jumped at the opportunity to join Eileen Richards Recruitment as a Recruitment Resourcer and took to it like a duck to water – learning from the best to enhance my skill set!

We were a duo to be reckoned with; Eileen would be responsible for all recruitment aspects: getting jobs on, liaising with candidates and clients and attending meeting and events, whereas I was the force behind the searching, finding candidates to suit our vacancies perfectly. The brand name quickly became recognised and before we knew it, the small team fluctuated and bigger offices were required!

Despite occasionally missing being able to wear my slippers and fluffy cardigan, that first year feels worlds apart from where Eileen Richards Recruitment is today and it’s only just getting underway!

Working for Eileen Richards Recruitment gives me the same buzz on a daily basis as it ever did. No two days are the same, and as the team has grown, responsibilities have soared alongside. Communicating with candidates is by far the favourite aspect of my role alongside working within such an ambitious and passionate team (who despite my warnings still refer to me as their ‘Office Mother’)! With a busy home life consisting of now demanding teenagers possessing hectic hobby schedules, working for an employer who gives me flexibility and part time hours means I can be efficient at balancing both!

Success for Eileen Richards Recruitment didn’t happen overnight, it occurred as a result of a passion, vision, hard work and dedication from Eileen and everybody who has joined the journey along the way. I am immensely proud to have been part of the growth which has led us to where we are today - as leaders within the local recruitment market possessing a strong and talented team. The best is yet to come and I can’t wait to continue to be a part of it!

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May 28, 2021

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