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My Graduate Story!

Scarlett Tinsley First Class Honours!

The back story:

Growing up I have always been what some might refer to as a ‘natural academic’ perhaps maybe even a ‘nerd’ due to my passion to read and eagerness to learn. Education has always been something that unlike others, I thoroughly enjoyed and wished to prolong, yet with the choice of industries being so diverse I became completely overwhelmed and daunted by the concept of choosing which career route I wanted to take. Throughout my GCSE’s and A Levels I toyed with the idea of different paths I was intrigued to take, from Journalism to Psychology and even Architecture, however I finally settled on the path of pursuing myself in Marketing, which is where my story really begins!

More decisions!

Thinking all of my big decisions were behind me, I managed to exceed my predicted A Level results opening my options far and wide, leading me my next big choice – where to attend University. As a Leicester girl born and raised (and a bit of a home bird) I decided to enrol onto a highly recommended ‘Advertising and Marketing Communications’ course at De Monfort University.

From the outset I loved everything about being a DMU student; the location, the people, the tutors but most importantly the modules that the course provided. Immediately I excelled within the branding topics and noted that this was a clear direction I wanted to head towards.

Why Eileen Richards Recruitment?

Not long into my University course, I began to receive interest in my LinkedIn profile asking if I was interested in partaking in various Marketing Apprenticeships, however I was keen to complete my degree and consequently sought out an opportunity which enabled me to do both.

Eileen Richards Recruitment offered me an Internship in their Marketing department which allowed me to work on a flexible basis alongside my studies. The support I received from both Eileen and the team was incredible throughout, there are a small amount of businesses that invest in students, however the varied training, courses and  events Eileen Richards Recruitment sent me on made me feel immensely valued and helped me to broaden my industry knowledge as well as my academic!

What the future holds:

After three incredible years at DMU, I recently graduated with a First Class Honour degree, again leaving me with a huge choice to make… the future! This time though, my choice was easy. After receiving interest from multiple businesses, I knew the only place I wanted to add value and progress further was within the ER team – and luckily they shared this perspective! I am extremely excited for how my role will expand as a full time Branding and Marketing Exec as the business continually grows and cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into the exciting projects we have planned!

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